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About FranTV Franchise Television


The FranRadio Franchise Show is a nationally televised call-in radio show that is rebroadcast nationally on Television, Cable, and the Internet in a unique, edgy, interactive format.

The show is produced, hosted, and broadcast by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The FranRadio Franchise Show delivers an entertaining reality television show using a talk radio format that showcases people creating and growing their own successful franchises.

Big National Brands, Local Business Ownership... Franchising plays a vital role in our nation's economy with hundreds-of-thousands of local business owner and operators nationwide accounting for over 10 percent of all our nation's business.

This huge influential audience of local entrepreneurs, employers, and business people has been largely ignored by majority of the business programming available on television...
Until now!

As a fellow business owner, you have probably watched one of the major business news networks at some point, but were the shows relevant to you as a business owner?

Does watching Cramer yell "buy, buy, buy" and Trump announce, "your fired" really relevant to your business? What about all the "pump and dump" market news that makes up most of the daily broadcast schedule? We both know what the answer is... No!

Wouldn’t it be nice to tune into a weekly business show that is both entertaining to watch, listen to, and that is relevant to you as a franchise business owner? Of course, it would!

That’s why we created a brand new television show just for the Franchising community of small business owners and operators.